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On Thursday, October 19th, Sikh Academy Elementary School had the privilege of hosting an important presentation on anti-bullying conducted by the RCMP. This valuable initiative aimed to educate our students on the significance of kindness, respect, and standing up against bullying. The RCMP’s informative session 
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The interaction of kids with horses offers a range of invaluable benefits. It instills a sense of responsibility and empathy as children care for and connect with these majestic animals, teaching them compassion and accountability. Moreover, it serves as a therapeutic and calming experience, reducing 
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SA marked the inaugural Parkash Purab for the 2023-24 academic session, seeking Guru Sahib’s blessings for the academic year and to bestow blessings upon all students, teachers, staff, and administrators through September 21-23, 2023. Also, Gurgaddi Diwas of Guru Angad Dev ji was celebrated on 
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