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Guest speaker for grades 5-7, Mr. Gariepy

We were honored to welcome Mr. Jeremie Gariepy, on October 19th, a distinguished bilingual speaker, born and raised in Quebec, to our school as a guest speaker for grades 5-7. Mr. Gariepy’s impressive academic background, including a Bachelor’s in Education with a focus on teaching English as a second language (TESL) from Concordia University and his ongoing pursuit of a Master’s in Education and Society at McGill University, uniquely positions him to introduce Quebec culture to our students. His presentation was a wonderful opportunity to foster cultural awareness and appreciation among our students, offering them valuable insights into the Francophone way of life.

Mr. Gariepy’s visit also had several other significant benefits. It enhanced French language learning through real-world context, allowing our students to engage with authentic French, thereby improving their language skills. This experience enriched their cultural understanding and aligned perfectly with British Columbia’s curriculum objectives. Also this broadened our students’ perspectives and sparked increased interest in the French language and culture. We are truly grateful for Mr. Gariepy’s visit, which contributed to our students’ education and cultural enrichment in such a meaningful way.

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