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Learn Mandarin – After School Camp

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a Mandarin Language Camp at Sikh Academy Elementary School. This exciting program offers students the opportunity to learn basic Mandarin, explore Chinese culture, and delve into the world of Chinese cuisine. We believe that this endeavor will not only enrich our students’ linguistic skills but also broaden their cultural horizons.

Program Details:

  • Schedule: Starting from November 6th to 19th December, the Mandarin Language Camp will be held twice a week
  • Total 13 classes, every Monday and Tuesday (No class on 13th November)
  • Time: Classes will run from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Cost: Registration is now open, and the cost is just $10 per class
  • Discounted price if paid in full ($120 for 13 classes)
  • Register at school main office reception desk

What to Expect:

The Mandarin Language Camp will provide students with an engaging and interactive environment to learn the basics of Mandarin. They will explore the fascinating aspects of Chinese culture, traditions, and language. Additionally, students will have the exciting opportunity to discover Chinese cuisine, adding a delightful sensory experience to their learning journey.

This program is designed to be fun and educational, with a focus on promoting language skills and cultural awareness. Our dedicated instructors are committed to providing an enriching and enjoyable experience for your child.

Don’t Miss Out:

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to introduce your child to the Mandarin language and Chinese culture. We believe that this experience will not only be enriching but also a lot of fun.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to seeing your child at the Mandarin Language Camp, where they will embark on an exciting journey of language and culture exploration.

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