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Enhancements Delivered at Sikh Academy as Promised

We’re thrilled to announce that significant improvements have been made at Sikh Academy as promised by our dedicated management. The most notable addition is the brand-new grass field, providing our students with a vibrant outdoor space to play, socialize, and partake in various activities. This versatile field will also serve as a splendid venue for outdoor activities and events. To ensure the safety of our students, we’ve installed a new fence around the grass field and the basketball court. In addition, the road in front of Sikh Academy and the parking lot have been freshly paved, enhancing both accessibility and safety.

As we prepare for the upcoming winter season, we’ve invested in new boilers to ensure a consistent supply of hot water. Furthermore, our air conditioning systems have been thoroughly serviced to maintain a comfortable learning environment. We are immensely grateful for your ongoing support, and we want to assure parents and guardians that we remain committed to further enhancing the school’s infrastructure and facilities as required. Together, we will continue to create an optimal learning environment for our students.

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